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Quick Chocolate Chip Banana Squares (only on Vedged Out)

Banana Cake Slice

Woohoo!  Today is the second anniversary of An Unrefined Vegan and I would really love to be celebrating in person with my friend, Somer, instead of virtually – but the next best thing is guest-posting on her blog, Vedged Out.  Today I’m sharing a super easy, crazy delicious recipe for banana bread that would be absolutely perfect for sharing with a good friend over a cup of cocoa.  No special occasion necessary.  Please go visit Vedged Out for the (oil-free!) recipe. But before you go, two things:

1) If you haven’t signed up for the Virtual Vegan Potluck, you have until midnight ET on November 9.  Sign up here.

2) Todd’s Seeds is hosting a giveaway that is really great: ONE POUND of a mix of broccoli, alfalfa, and radish sprouting seeds.  I’m not a paid spokesperson (though Todd’s Seeds does sponsor the VVP), but these are the brand of seeds I buy and I’ve never had a failure.  This is a great deal!  Please enter this giveaway and show Todd’s Seeds some sproutin’ love.  The giveaway is open until midnight October 31.  Enter here.

Banana Cake with Slice

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Guest Posting at Veganosaurus: The Kelvis Sandwich

Waffle, Tempeh, Almond Butter Sandwich

Kel + Elvis = The Kelvis

I’m very pleased to be “appearing” today on Veganosaurus – a blog jam-packed with inventive and delicious vegan recipes and written by one of the most kind-hearted women it’s been my pleasure to come to know.  Besides blogging at Veganosaurus, Susmitha has an Etsy shop and also herds us plant-based cats at Vegan Temptivists on Facebook.

I’m sharing a kind of crazy recipe for a big, fat Elvis-worthy sandwich I call the Kelvis which consists of maple waffles, tempeh bacon, almond butter and a cherry-cranberry-fig compote.  If this sounds like something you’d like to get your mouth around – please head on over to Veganosaurus for the recipe!

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Slightly Sourdough Almond Butter Biscuits with Cacao, Orange & Tart Cherries

biscuits1This biscuit is truly a collaborative effort. I modified a recipe from The Joy of Vegan Baking, by Colleen Patrick-Goudreau by replacing the vegan butter with almond butter, trading out the AP flour for whole wheat and kicking in some sourdough starter – which came from the kitchen of Amanda of Good Clean Food. The delicious spice blend comes from a sourdough pancake recipe that I veganized (and that failed miserably for me). I continued the team effort by accompanying the biscuits with some tasty finds from other blogs: a pumpkin version of Kristy’s Sweet Potato Pecan Butter and a steaming hot Pumpkin Spice Latte courtesy of Happy Healthy Life.

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Slightly Sourdough Almond Butter Biscuits w/ Cacao, Orange & Tart Cherries
Makes 9 or so

unbakedbiscuits1 2/3 cups whole wheat pastry flour
1 tbsp. baking powder
pinch salt, if desired
1/2 tsp. spice blend (or just sprinkle in some cinnamon, allspice and cardamom)
2 tbsp. maple sugar
1/3 cup sourdough starter (if you don’t have starter, use 2/3 cup almond milk, total)
1/3 cup almond milk
1/3 cup almond butter
1/4 cup cacao nibs or semi-sweet chocolate chips
1/4 cup dried tart cherries
zest from 1/2 an orange

Line a baking pan with parchment and preheat the oven to 475F.

In a large bowl, whisk together the flour, baking powder, salt, spice blend and maple sugar. In a small bowl, whisk together the sourdough starter and milk. Set aside.

Mix the almond butter into the flour mixture and then pour the sourdough mixture in and add the orange zest – stir or use your hand to bring the dough together. Add more milk if necessary. Add in the cacao nibs and the dried cherries.

On a floured surface, pat the dough into a square or circle and cut into pieces. Place on the prepared baking sheet leaving an inch or so between biscuits. Brush with almond milk, if desired. Bake for 8-10 minutes or until brown on the outside.

Almond Butter Biscuits

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Hazelnut Shortbread


Shortbread is not bread
and shortbread is not short.
It is medium in length
and a biscuit, of sorts.

It was brought in the long boats;
the boats, which were long,
that belonged to the Vikings;
kings of Vi, who were strong.

And it commonly comes
in a tartan type tin
that is just long enough
to keep shortbread in.

- by Well-Wisher, as posted on ABC.Tales

I hope Well-Wisher doesn’t mind that I used his/her poem here.  It’s so cute and well, I couldn’t think of a thing to say about shortbread – at least not that I hadn’t said before (here and here) – and went looking for help.  You will see this shortbread again soon, but as team-player rather than the solo star.  I did a taste run to see if it would work as the crust for my pumpkin cheesecake and realized it was delicious on its own.  Though I admit it’s very 80s kind of dessert – this recipe would also work well as a crust for fruit pizza.

PS There’s still time to enter to win a $25 gift certificate from Compassion Couture.  Please visit the Virtual Vegan Blog to get your name added.

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Hazelnut Shortbread
Makes 8 wedges

1/2 cup hazelnut meal, toasted until a deep brown & cooled
1/4 maple sugar
2 tbsp. sunflower oil
2 tbsp. natural almond butter
1 tbsp. flaxseed meal + 3 tbsp. water
1 tbsp. almond milk
1/3 cup whole wheat pastry flour
1/4 tsp. baking powder
1/2 tsp. powdered stevia (or use a 1/2 cup sugar rather than the 1/4 cup sugar)
dash salt
Preheat oven to 350F.  Lightly spray a 9″ springform pan w/ oil.  Whisk together the hazelnut meal, flower, baking powder, stevia and salt and set aside.  In a large bowl, combine the maple sugar, sunflower oil and almond butter until creamy.  Stir in the flaxseed meal mixture and almond milk.
Stir the dry ingredients into the wet – it’ll be a very thick dough.  Press the dough – I used wet fingers – evenly into the pan.  Bake for about 15 minutes or until baked through.  Let cool and then cut into wedges.
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