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Banana Date Flax Muffin An Unrefined VeganBanana Date Flax Muffin An Unrefined VeganBanana Date Flax Muffin An Unrefined Vegan

Whole Grain Banana-Date-Flax Muffins. Oil- and Sugar-free.

We eat a lot of bananas – at least according to almost every grocery checkout person at our local store.  Between us, Kel and I eat about 3-4 bananas a day. I shop once a …

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Chocolate Cherry Handpies An Unrefined VeganChocolate Cherry Handpies An Unrefined VeganChocolate Cherry Handpies An Unrefined Vegan

Heart-shaped Cherry, Chocolate, & Almond Ricotta Hand Pies

Valentine’s Day recipe number two!  To my mind, mouth, and tummy there isn’t much better than juicy fruit wrapped up in a buttery, crumbly, flaky crust.  Especially when half of that crust has chocolate in …

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Chocolate Sweet Potato Spice CakeChocolate Sweet Potato Spice CakeChocolate Sweet Potato Spice Cake

Chocolate Sweet Potato Spice Cake

Chocolate cake reminds me of my mother, who in my humble opinion, baked the best chocolate cake on earth.  It was coated in a creamy, buttery frosting that wasn’t too awfully sweet.  This cake is …

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Banana Cake SliceBanana Cake SliceBanana Cake Slice

Quick Chocolate Chip Banana Squares (only on Vedged Out)

Woohoo!  Today is the second anniversary of An Unrefined Vegan and I would really love to be celebrating in person with my friend, Somer, instead of virtually – but the next best thing is guest-posting on …

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Oil-free Banana Fig Cakes with Date-Coconut Drizzle

Last week I spotted a gigantic purple fig hiding amongst the leaves in one of our potted plants.  Kel and I watched its progress carefully; we didn’t want to let this one go to the …

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The Great Vegan Bean Book Tour: Enchanted Vanilla Pancakes w/ Chai-Spiced Peach Compote (and a giveaway)

I love the noble sound of Kathy Hester’s newest cookbook, The Great Vegan Bean Book. I know beans are considered to be one of the humblest of foods, but considering how often I eat them …

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Super-Quick Poppyseed-Orange-Coconut Cakes for Two

I’ve been sticking like (well, something like) glue to my Sweets Only On Days That Begin With An S commitment, but even on those days, I’m finding that I don’t have a craving for over-the-top, …

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Mango Lime Pancakes An Unrefined VeganMango Lime Pancakes An Unrefined VeganMango Lime Pancakes An Unrefined Vegan

Mango Lime Pancakes with Ginger & Coconut. Sugar- & Oil-free

I love tinkering with pancake (and waffle) recipes – and that’s because Sunday morning breakfast is hands down my favorite meal of the week. Over the past year or so of blogging I’ve made the …

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Loaded Morning Muffins An Unrefined VeganLoaded Morning Muffins An Unrefined VeganLoaded Morning Muffins An Unrefined Vegan

Loaded Morning Muffins with Crumb Topping

You can see from the long ingredient list why these are called “loaded” muffins, but gosh, they’re delicious. It’s crunch time over at Ethical Ocean and their Eat What’s Good vegan recipe contest.  I’ve been …

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Walnut Braid An Unrefined VeganWalnut Braid An Unrefined VeganWalnut Braid An Unrefined Vegan

Walnut Braid with Sun-dried Tomatoes and Roasted Garlic

During my long stay in Utah I really missed bread. Not eating bread so much – it wasn’t hard to find excellent artisanal loaves – but baking it. As good as store-bought bread can be, …

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Vegan Red Velvet Waffles An Unrefined VeganVegan Red Velvet Waffles An Unrefined VeganVegan Red Velvet Waffles An Unrefined Vegan

Red Velvet Waffles with Cream Cheese Sauce

This recipe comes thanks to my friend, Angela, at Canned Time.  Angela puts me to shame when it comes to Pinterest so I often poach ideas straight from her – like this recipe.  She’d pinned …

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Kelvis Sandwich An Unrefined VeganKelvis Sandwich An Unrefined VeganKelvis Sandwich An Unrefined Vegan

Guest Posting at Veganosaurus: The Kelvis Sandwich

  Kel + Elvis = The Kelvis I’m very pleased to be “appearing” today on Veganosaurus – a blog jam-packed with inventive and delicious vegan recipes and written by one of the most kind-hearted women …

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Slightly Sourdough Almond Butter Biscuits with Cacao, Orange & Tart Cherries

This biscuit is truly a collaborative effort. I modified a recipe from The Joy of Vegan Baking, by Colleen Patrick-Goudreau by replacing the vegan butter with almond butter, trading out the AP flour for whole …

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Creamsicle Coconut Cookies An Unrefined VeganCreamsicle Coconut Cookies An Unrefined VeganCreamsicle Coconut Cookies An Unrefined Vegan

Creamsicle-Coconut Cookies

The inspiration for this crumbly, buttery cookie came from Whole Food’s winter coupon book.  Their cookie is also vegan, but called for mandarin oranges – which I couldn’t find that particular shopping day –  a …

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Chocolate Mint Cream Cheese Muffins

Christmas and mint.  How did they become an item?  The red-and-white-swirled candy canes dangling from stuffed stockings?  The tiny pastel-colored, melt-away candies piled in bowls that appear only in December?  The Santa- and snowman-shaped chocolate …

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Kristy’s Cookie Exchange: Molasses Crinkles

Every generation has its version of “the good old days.”  For some, the memories are sepia-toned or come in shades of black, white and gray.  For me they’re tinged with the yellow fade peculiar to …

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Vanilla Chai Truffle Cakes (aka Black & White Cakes)

Much more prim and proper than their deep dark chocolate cousins, these vanilla cupcakes with a chai truffle center also pack a less powerful caloric punch.  The cupcake is based on a recipe from The …

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Mocha Spice Pancakes w/ a Simple Syrup

There’s nothing quite like pilfering a recipe – especially when you shamelessly pilfer one of your own recipes.  At least I’m giving myself credit – it’s just blogging etiquette.  These pancakes were inspired by my …

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Savory Pumpkin Pie with Shiitake Mushroom Streusel

If you’ve had your fill of sweet pumpkin pie already, you might want to try this one.  Nothing sweet (save for a hint of maple syrup) here. This recipe is an adaptation of one from …

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Deep Dark Chocolate Chai Truffle Cakes & The Giveaway Winner

I once worked briefly for an Army Colonel.  He could’ve stepped off of the movie set of Apocalypse Now: tall and wiry with a stiff and graying crew cut, a brisk manner and a lopsided, …

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VeganMoFo: Peanut Sandies

Mom, I’m sorry.  I never told you this before, but I never did like Pecan Sandies.  In an era now sweetly veiled in nostalgia, when corduroys and cowl neck sweaters ruled the junior high fashion …

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VeganMoFo: Khatchapuri Day 2, The Bread

May I present to you the finished product, those little Georgian cheez pies that made life so much easier while living in Russia! Now, I’d like to draw your attention to the small wine glasses …

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Apple Butter Waffles

Remember those Apple Butter Cookies I made a while back?  Well, I had a half a jar of apple butter hanging about the ‘fridge, causing me a lot of stress and anxiety about what I …

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A Peach Pie in Pictures

Twenty dollars later, Kel and I became the proud owners of a giant box of locally grown peaches, each one picture perfect.  Peaches grow everywhere in Bountiful, weighing down the gnarled trees in nearly every …

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Apple Butter Cookies

This easy recipe for very old-fashioned-sounding cookies comes from the lone vegan cookbook on the shelves at the otherwise exhaustively stocked kitchen store, Gygi, in Salt Lake City.  A typical trip there goes something like …

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Nectarine Pancakes An Unrefined VeganNectarine Pancakes An Unrefined VeganNectarine Pancakes An Unrefined Vegan

Whole Wheat Nectarine Pancakes with Easy Coconut Maple Syrup

I was an early fan of Martha Stewart and her various projects; I flatter myself to think I got in on the ground floor, back when her haircut was more housewife than inside trader.  Many …

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Pop’s Chocolate Chip Cookies with Grapefruit & Anise

Father’s Day.  It’s coming.  Except in my case, I call it Pop’s Day, cuz that’s what I call my dad.  I can’t really send him flowers or a little piece of jewelry like I can …

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Coriander, Red Pepper & Cilantro Flatbreads

I snagged the original recipe for these flatbreads from the animal flesh-burdened Bon Appetit magazine.  Hey, everyone gets it vegan once in a while, right?  Instead of 100% refined flour, I added whole wheat pastry …

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Tahini-Orange-Date Crumble Cookies

I was immediately intrigued by a recipe for Orange Blossom Tahini Cookies at Savory Simple.  Beautiful little cookies – but what was hooked me was the use of tahini.  I’d only ever used it for …

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Stack ‘Em High: Whole Grain Pancakes with Dried Blueberries, Ginger & Sunflower Seeds

When I was a kid, I loved a thin, flat pancake – preferably made with Bisquick – adorned with a generous pat of butter and drenched, and I mean soggy, with real maple syrup.  It …

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