Virtual Vegan LINKY Potluck 7

While Angela is galavanting around beautiful Alaska, Poppy and I are holding down the fort here at VVLP Central.  A quick reminder, we share your gorgeous dishes on Instagram, Pinterest (with link back to your site), and An Unrefined Vegan’s Facebook Page (with link back to your site). Hopefully you are reaping some benefit from this added exposure.  It would be great if you could help us grow this little party by sharing it on your social media outlets. When you link up here, share the link back to the VVLP post on Twitter, Facebook, Google+ – whatever sharing apps are your favorites.  And, invite your blogging friends to link up with us, too.  We’d really like to see more participants!

For a refresher course on how this link thing works, please visit this post.

Okay, on to VVLP7 and the most popular recipes from last week:

Sesame Avocado Wraps from Fitful Focus

Sesame-Avocado-Wrap Fitful Focus

Watermelon Mint Frosty from the Taste Space

Watermelon Frosty Taste Space

Fig & Corn Flatbread from Yup It’s Vegan

Fig & Shallot Flatbread

Watercress, Mango, & Pecan Salad from flavourphotos

Watercress & Mango Salad flavourphotos

Roasted Creole Cauliflower from the Taste Space

Watercress & Mango Salad flavourphotos

Lemony Lentil Spinach Soup from Yes! I Am Vegan

Lemony Lentil Soup

Main Dishes
Lightly Spiced Chickpea & Lentils from Parsley in My Teeth


Chocolate Mousse Cake from Vegan Richa

chocolate mousse cake

And my four picks:

Strawberry Lychee Drink from Eating Well Diary
Cashew Tofu Stir-fry with Cashews and Baby Bok Choy from Glue & Glitter
Elvis P Pie from Veganville
Blueberry Coconut Cream Parfaits from Coconut & Berries

VVLP6 Collage

Thanks to everyone who participated!

VVLPButton1 300px

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35 thoughts on “Virtual Vegan LINKY Potluck 7

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  7. Amy @Parsley In My Teeth

    Thanks again to Annie, Angela & Poppy for hosting the VVLP. It’s such a great place to meet other bloggers and share recipes. Thanks very much to everyone who liked my Lightly Spiced Chickpea dish!

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  13. zsudever

    I should definitely not link up before lunch! Not wise, my friend!

    Thanks for the party ~

    Zsu @ Zsu’s Vegan Pantry

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  16. Brittany

    I tried to link up last week and it kept telling me I wasn’t linking back to the right post (even though I KNOW I WAS) fail. I’ll be back attempting to link up soon!! Until then, I’ll drool at everyone else’s goods.

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  24. flavourphotos

    Thank you very much for featuring my salad. I’ve just come back from my holidays and this is a nice treat to come home to :-) It’s always such a pleasure to join in and discover what everybody is sharing. Have a good week x

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