A Few Good Vegans/A Carnival of Vegans (Volume 2)

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Before I kick off Volume 2 of A Carnival of Vegans, a few administrative tasks:

1)  You can find Volume 1 of A Carnival of Vegans right here.

2)  Have you listed YOUR vegan blog on The Vegan Feed?  What?  No??  Why not?!  Do it!  And what about submitting a post or two to Vegan Bloggers Unite! – no reason to put it off any longer. Get your unique voice heard!

3) Belated thanks and big, virtual hugs to my fellow bloggers, Rachel in Veganland, Former Fish Taco Fanatic, The Adventures of Vegan Charlie and In Pursuit of More for sharing various blogging awards with An Unrefined Vegan.  I feel honored to be on your various radar screens!

Cupcakes and Kale:  If you haven’t found this blog already, you’re in for a treat.  Jess’ photos are lovely, her recipes sound awesome and if you head over to her blog right now, you can go a little green with envy over her pictures and stories about traveling vegan-style in Spain.

Desayunos Veganos 365:  I was feeling pretty smug about my breakfasts until Lorna at Tearoom Delights introduced me to this blog.  I love the idea of this project and though Nihacc is not even three months in, I’m hoping he has a similar project lined up for when he completes his vegan breakfast posts for the year.  The photos are real eye candy.  Check out Cocina de Nihacc as well.  My Spanish is lousy, but it looks good, too!

Cucumber Salad

One Poor Persnickety Vegan:  Having a tendency towards the persnickety myself, I was drawn to this sweet blog.  Tasha shares how to she eats well on a tight budget, but the appeal of this blog for me is that, just like me, she’s also down on excess sugar and fat.

Push Mower

Terra Not Terror:  I’m including this green-minded vegan blog for a couple or reasons.  1) A while back, Terra – even though she didn’t know me from Eve – was brave enough to allow me to write a guest post on her blog.  2) Her blog is a great resource for ways to reduce, reuse and recycle.  3) I just plain like her.  4) I want to encourage her to start blogging again!  So please, go visit her blog, leave comments and tell her you want to hear more from her!

The VegBar & Project See Life: I first met Barbie through her VegBar blog – all about sharing food with friends and family – and I immediately felt her warmth.  Now I’m hooked on Project See Life where she shares her journey from deep depression to a full and joyful embrace of life and everything it has to offer.  It’s raw and true and beautiful.  Barbie isn’t vegan (she’s vegetarian), but she is way vegan-friendly and I couldn’t imagine creating a list of excellent vegan blogs without including hers.

VeggieWitch:  Oh, Denise!  She says she “posts often and often with passion,” and it’s so true!  You can feel Denise’s energy and spirit right through your computer screen.  She keeps it interesting by writing about everything under the sun.

Fashion Food Fight: I love the simple creativity of this blog.  Yes, it’s a vegan food/recipe blog – but it takes that idea and adds a little twist by having her beautiful friends “model” some truly yummy looking food.

I’ve barely scratched the surface here!  There are so many more vegan blogs that I’ve jotted down to be included in future Carnival posts.  If you’ve found one that you think ought to be recognized, let me know and I’ll add it to my list.  Or, if you write a vegan blog that you’d like to see mentioned here, send me your link!

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  1. Rachel in Veganland says:

    Thanks for the shout out and for the blog recommendations! I’m always looking for new reads on the internets. :)

  2. Raynifly says:

    Okay. I am now following everyone! ;-D That’s kind of weird of me but why not? Thank you for this!

  3. Shira says:

    Thanks for links and the love Ann! Going to visit these lovely sites (I think I know a few of them) – cheers! :)

  4. tearoomdelights says:

    I think your Carnival of Vegans is a brilliant idea, and it’s great to see so many enthusiastic and beautiful vegan blogs. I’ve been over to Cupcakes and Kale on your recommendation and now I really want to go to Spain…I’ll be checking out your other recommendations too, thank you.

  5. Veggiewitch says:

    I adore you! *squishy, squashy hugs*

  6. jess @ cupcakes and kale says:

    oh you are so sweet for saying such nice things… i’m honoured that you featured me here. xo.

  7. Richgail Enriquez says:

    Thanks for the tips & links, very informative! I shall check them out.

  8. S. says:

    AH! How come I didn’t see this before?! Thank you so much for the recommendation, this is exactly what we needed, I was already wondering where all the new followers came from ha! I feel so honored and excited right now. XO

  9. bar says:

    Girlfriend! You are wonderful!

  10. formerfishtacofanatic says:

    Thanks for the shout out! I’m getting on that vegan feeds listing stat! :)

  11. Bobby says:

    At least three I had never heard of! Thanks for the insight! I went vegan last month and have discovered a whole community I never knew existed.

  12. poorvegan says:

    It’s a bit belated but thanks for the shoutout! I’ve been away from the blogging world for a while but been following you regularly and I’m so grateful for your thoughtful, delicious posts!

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