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About Annie CollageIn a past life – oh, about seven years ago – I was an office manager at a small non-profit in Washington, DC.  I walked to work and to the grocery store.  My running path was the C & O Canal.  Occasionally on Saturday mornings I would take the metro to the Mall and take in a museum or two.  I wore nice clothes and had more purses and shoes than any one person should.  Before living in the Nation’s Capitol, I worked at a well-known law school, at a direct marketing firm, and at a think-tank a stone’s throw from the Pacific Ocean.  I’ve moved from Ohio to California to Colorado, back to California and on to Russia for a stint; then Armenia, Iraq, Massachusetts, and the aforementioned DC.

City life was starting to wear thin, as was packing and moving.  My partner (Kel) and I were looking for space – lots of space – and quiet, the Milky Way, coyotes, and the kind of freedom not found on the city streets.  So we did what people have been doing for generations.  We moved west.  To the wilds of Oklahoma.

Now my “nice clothes” hang neglected in the closet. I prefer my Carhartts and boots; I’ve given away most of my shoes and purses.  There are no streetlights here or traffic jams; lunch hours, car alarms or…neighbors.  There is plenty of time for walking the pastures with our dog, Ike, puttering in the kitchen, and creating greeting cards.  I find that I like this life very much.

For more about my veganism and this blog, please visit the About the Blog page.

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  1. Brittany says:

    You just continue to get more adorable!! I LOVE YOU!! Also, how did I not know you made greeting cards!?! They are wonderful!

  2. tearoomdelights says:

    I feel refreshed after reading that, you have your priorities bang on. :-)

  3. happyhealthy365 says:

    I love this new lay-out and I LOVE your new bio!!! :)

  4. A. B. C. Smoothie Antioxidant Blast in a glass + my “virtual” friend Annie | says:

    […] Another powerful change in my life came 2 years back when I discovered a blogger named Annie. […]

  5. Cauldrons and Cupcakes says:

    How beautiful this is Annie, and how much I have enjoyed revisiting your gorgeous blog this morning. Big hugs and love to you, Nicole xx

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