June 2012 • anunrefinedvegan

Down the Road Alone

I’m lucky. I’m surrounded by beauty and cradled in love. At night the only sound is…nothing. Maybe a whippoorwill or the soft hooting of an owl. The air I breathe smells of warmth and earth …

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Thai Tomato Soup

I make one or two soups each week.  I just love soup.  Usually you can make them solely with pantry ingredients or from what you can unearth from your vegetable bin.  Even in summer soup …

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The Spiral Jetty

I don’t have a Bucket List of places around the world that I need to see before I shrug off this mortal coil, but – deep in the recesses of my mind – I do …

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Pop’s Chocolate Chip Cookies with Grapefruit & Anise

Father’s Day.  It’s coming.  Except in my case, I call it Pop’s Day, cuz that’s what I call my dad.  I can’t really send him flowers or a little piece of jewelry like I can …

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A Midwife's Tale CollageA Midwife's Tale CollageA Midwife's Tale Collage

A Midwife’s Tale & The Concept of “Me Time”

Reading is at its best when it is not only entertaining, but enlightening, instructional and thought-provoking.  When it takes one outside of one’s self and one’s small circle of thinking.  I just finished a book …

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Oil-Free Tomato, Kalamata & Miso Salad Dressing

When it comes to salad dressing, I’m on auto-pilot.  It takes me mere seconds to whip up an oil-free vinaigrette and it’s really light and wonderful – but – it’s getting a bit tired.  Enter …

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The Evolution of Eating

Part rogue’s gallery, part dean’s list, this is a quick, condensed sketch of what I’ve eaten over the past twenty-eight years of my life – from the time that I was more or less responsible …

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A Mish Mash Post with a Virtual Vegan Potluck Update

See that beautiful (and yummy) cupcake up there?  Sure, I made it and all, but I can’t take credit for it.  That would belong to the creative minds behind The Bear & The Blackberry.  In …

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Sleepwalk Southwest Bean & Rice Salad

My kitchen mojo has been a little spotty lately so my weekly menus have been stacked with meals I can prepare without needing much time or brain power.  Right now I need to be able …

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