Gluten-free Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Cookies That Passed the Cowboy-Carnivore Test

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Plate of CookiesI started baking this batch of cookies just as a guest – a true Oklahoma cowboy – arrived to meet with Kel.  As they sat at the kitchen table talking about the drought, feral hogs and wild mustangs, I mixed and shaped and baked and the kitchen filled with the scent of chocolate and spice.  I let the cookies cool for a few minutes on a wire rack before offering them to our guest.  He took one, remarking that he’d never eaten a pumpkin chocolate chip cookie before.  A few bites.  Then he said, “These are good!”  I decided to test him to see if he was just being polite, so when he finished, I asked him if he’d like another.  He did.  Unbeknownst to our carnivore friend, the two cookies he’d just enjoyed were not only gluten-free, but were also completely absent of animal products.  I decided not to mention it.

Gluten-Free Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Cookies
Makes 18

Cookie Ingredients1/2 cup water
3 tbsp. flaxseed meal
2 cups whole grain gluten-free flour mix (I used King Arthur Flour’s Gluten Free Whole Grain mix)
3/4 tsp. xanthan gum
1 tsp. baking powder
1/2 tsp. salt
1 tsp. pumpkin pie spice
1 1/4 tsp. powdered stevia
1/3 cup maple sugar
1 1/2 tsp. vanilla extract
1/2 cup almond butter (or other nut butter; I used Trader Joe’s Almond Butter with Roasted Flaxseeds)
2/3 cup pumpkin puree
3/4 cup vegan semi-sweet chocolate chips
3/4 cup toasted walnuts, chopped

Preheat oven to 375F and line two baking sheets with parchment paper.

In a small bowl, whisk together the water and flaxseed meal; set aside for 5 minutes.

In a large bowl, combine the flour, xanthan gum, baking powder, salt, pumpkin pie spice and powdered stevia.  Set aside.  In a medium-sized bowl, whisk together the flaxseed meal mixture, maple sugar, vanilla extract, almond butter and pumpkin puree.   Pour this mixture into the dry mixture and stir to combine.  I had to add about a 1/2 cup of water to get the consistency right – thick, but not as thick as say, brownie batter.

Stir in the chocolate chips and the walnuts.

Drop batter by the tablespoonsful onto the baking sheets and bake cookies for about 14 minutes, switching pans halfway through so that they all get evenly cooked and browned.  Let cool on the pans for a few minutes, then transfer to wire racks to cool completely.

(This recipe comes from VegNews.  I completely omitted the sunflower oil – with the almond butter, flaxseed meal and pumpkin puree – the added oil wasn’t necessary.  I also used walnuts instead of the 3/4 cup of white chocolate chips in the original recipe.  I’ve never been a fan of white chocolate chips: there’s no chocolate in them.)

  1. trueindigo says:

    That story just made me smile. It’s not as if he had convictions about ONLY eating things with animal products in them. He knew what he liked and your cookies were it!

    Do you have a favorite vegan chocolate/chip? This is the longest I have made such a hard vegan effort and am hoping to hear your favorites (may have missed it some other place on your blog) so I don’t have to slog my way through the gross products.

    • Terri, you mean commercially-made choco chips? Before a couple of weeks ago, I had never tried any store bought vegan cookies – but I picked up 2 different brands at a Whole Foods while in CA and, wow, both brands were really good. Addictive! Even my non-vegan family snarfed them down. The bad news is, I can’t remember the brand names! But, I’d bet every Whole Foods carries the same. Sorry!

  2. Nancy Gentry says:

    These look delicious! I wish you could just deliver them to my house. If I made them, I would be the only one who would eat them!

  3. veganelder says:

    These look terrific! (it’s probably ok to do a little advocating when it’s accompanied by a cookie) :-)

  4. Jenn Jennings says:

    that’s a combo I wouldn’t think to combine, but now I wanna try them. As always, I leave your reading famished.

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