The Five Best Decisions I’ve Made in My Life

#5: Acquired a Skill (Career Plan B) You know your father is always right, don’t you?  Though it took a few years and a little maturing to admit it, my father was sure right about …

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Carrot Butter: A Guest Post & Recipe from Canned Time

Kel and I are back home after a lazy week in Florida where I gave myself permission to break most of my eating and exercise, um, guidelines.  I ate what I wanted, when I wanted …

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Christmas in the Backcountry

This was quite different.  An enormous gulf was between me and the world.  This was a different universe – withered, desert, lifeless; a fantastic universe where the presence of man was not foreseen, perhaps not …

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(Eating Vegan) Under the Sheltering Sky

It can be challenging enough to feed Kel and me while we are on the road, but what about feeding 10 or 11 or 15?  In a place with (count them) zero restaurants, convenience stores …

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Late to the Party

Just as I did when Pinterest came out all hot and heavy on the scene, I resisted joining Instagram*.  Who needs it? thought I.  Who needs yet another way to obsess over acquiring Friends and …

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A Portable Vegan

The past two years I’ve spent more time in airports, airplanes and hotels than in the preceding five years combined.  Since I became a vegan, traveling – eating – has become a lot more challenging.  …

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