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Seitan Hot Dogs An Unrefined VeganSeitan Hot Dogs An Unrefined VeganSeitan Hot Dogs An Unrefined Vegan

Seitan Hot Dogs. Oil-free.

With Memorial Day approaching, hot dog season will soon be in full swing.  It’s a bummer sometimes as a vegan to miss out on the traditional back yard party/picnic offerings – but of course, we …

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“Buttermilk” Rolls with Flaxseed & Wheat Germ

I love it when I run across a recipe that I’ve made in the past and at the top I’ve written: very good!  (Some recipes have “meh” at the top; not good, let alone “very …

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Rosemary Whole Wheat Rolls

Dig out that six quart food grade bucket and add a mere ten ingredients, then apply a little bit of elbow grease and stir.  Let sit on the counter for a few hours (where it …

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Did You Know?

I’m as addicted to food and cooking magazines as much as I am to cookbooks (see An Autobiography in Cookbooks for more on that) and after several months, old issues start to pile up and …

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Morning Fuel, Made the Night Before

This post is a bit of a cheat.  A  variation of this morning cereal recipe already exists on my other blog, Dough, Dirt & Dye, but it’s worth sharing again – and this recipe is …

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