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This very short work of fiction was first published on my old blog, Dough, Dirt, & Dye in September 2011.  It’s slightly spooky.  Wishing all you ghouls and goblins a Happy All Hallow’s Eve. TILT-A-WHIRL …

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sweet potato apple pie ice creamsweet potato apple pie ice creamsweet potato apple pie ice cream

Sweet Potato Apple Pie Ice Cream (Only On Cowgirls & Collard Greens)

Saddle up and ride on over to Cowgirls & Collard Greens to meet Ms. Kayle Martin and then slurp up my simple, seasonal recipe for Sweet Potato Apple Ice Cream.  While you’re there be sure …

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Slices of Lemony TofuSlices of Lemony TofuSlices of Lemony Tofu

Building Block Recipe: Lemony Baked Tofu

Inspired by my blogging buddy, Susmitha at Veganosaurus, I signed up for a How Do account about a year or so ago.  Susmitha has a great voice and her How Dos are cute, concise, and …

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Banana Cake SliceBanana Cake SliceBanana Cake Slice

Quick Chocolate Chip Banana Squares (only on Vedged Out)

Woohoo!  Today is the second anniversary of An Unrefined Vegan and I would really love to be celebrating in person with my friend, Somer, instead of virtually – but the next best thing is guest-posting on …

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Raw Cinnamon Toast PB An Unrefined VeganRaw Cinnamon Toast PB An Unrefined VeganRaw Cinnamon Toast PB An Unrefined Vegan

Cinnamon Apple “Toast.” Raw, Gluten- and Sugar-free.

When low, gray clouds scud across the blue and mornings are cool enough for a flannel shirt and the leaf tips of the winged elms, hackberrys, scrub oaks, and bois d’arcs turn brown, I feel …

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pb maple pecan coconut bacon granolapb maple pecan coconut bacon granolapb maple pecan coconut bacon granola

Peanut Butter-Maple-Pecan & Coconut Bacon Granola

This granola was to be the crowning glory on top of one of my Vegan MoFo 2013 recipes, but the base – ice cream – failed.  Not once, but twice.  The third recipe, Peanut Butter …

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Virtual Vegan PotluckVirtual Vegan PotluckVirtual Vegan Potluck

The Virtual Vegan Potluck Returns on November 16. Sign Up Now!

If you’re a food blogger (and I know you are), click on over to the Virtual Vegan Potluck website and sign up for the November 16 event.  It’s as easy as pie.  Or soup.  Or …

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Stack of PancakesStack of PancakesStack of Pancakes

The China Study Cookbook Giveaway & Pumpkin Pancakes

Some books – and they don’t come around very often – are life changers.  Such was the case for me with The China Study, by T. Colin Campbell and John Robbins.  Because of this book, …

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are you experienced graphicare you experienced graphicare you experienced graphic

Are You Experienced (in the Virtual Vegan Potluck)?

If you’ve participated in two or more Virtual Vegan Potlucks and you’d like to lend a hand with the next one, please visit the Virtual Vegan Potluck site for details.

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between a rock and a hard placebetween a rock and a hard placebetween a rock and a hard place

A Terminal Illness Primer for Caregivers: When Hope Meets Reality

How do you know when it’s time to stop the chemo?  What happens when the relationship you had with your loved one does a complete 180 and suddenly you are the decision-maker?  For patients and …

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vanilla fig oatmealvanilla fig oatmealvanilla fig oatmeal

Vegan Slow Cooking for Two Blog Tour, Giveaway, & Vanilla Fig Oatmeal

I call it kind of brand loyalty.  Here’s what I mean: whenever Kate Bush releases an album (and the good Lord knows she doesn’t do it often enough), I buy it.  Just as I’ll read …

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